Baitcaster Vs. Spinning Reel Pros and Cons Complete Details

Fishing is fun and it helps in relaxing the mind. In the past, people were using a simple fishing line with a simple hook but these days there are different innovative fishing gears are available. However, fishers mostly debate about the use of Baitcaster reel or spinning reel. In this article, we’ll try to learn about Baitcaster and spinning reels. We’ll also discuss their baitcaster vs. spinning reel pros and cons complete details.


Baitcasting Reels


A baitcasting reel is old and it is known as a conventional fishing reel. Mostly professional fishers use Baitcasting reels. They prefer this reel because it gives control and precision. Baitcasting reels require a certain skill level to cast that is why it is for professionals.

As compared to other reels these reels deliver durability and strength. The spool of Baitcasting reel can bear heavy lines which makes it useful in catching heavy fishes.

Baitcasting reel has its pros and cons, so let’s jump to the pros and cons of the Baitcasting Reel.




  • The Baitcasting reel line has fewer twists.
  • As compared to other reels it is slow to lure.
  • It delivers durability and strength.
  • Baitcasting reel gives precision and accuracy.
  • It comes with different variety of gear ratios.
  • Line capacity and strength are much more as compared to other reels.
  • The best option for heavy lures and heavy fishes.
  • Brilliant for professional fishermen.




  • For beginners, it needs some time to learn.
  • When you use Baitcasting reel on a lighter line they will wear out quickly.
  • Very hard when it comes to maintenance.
  • If you don’t have any experience it will become complicated to use.
  • Issues of jamming and bird nesting are common in Baitcasting reels.


Spinning Reels

fishing reels

Almost all the fishers use spinning reel because it’s easy to use. You can catch small to medium size of fishes with this reel. It has spool which is permanently attached to the fishing rod. To pull out the line you’ve to use the weight of lure and tackle.

The spinning reel has its pros and cons. So, let’s jump to the pros and cons of the spinning reel:




  • Easy to use and easy to understand.
  • Spinning reel tangles less as compared to Baitcasting reels.
  • It is cheap as compared to Baitcasting reel.
  • There are fewer issues of birds nesting and jamming.
  • As compared to Baitcasting reel, a spinning reel is easier to maintain.
  • You don’t need the experience to handle and control the reel.
  • Brilliant for beginners.
  • There is no digging in the line.
  • You can use it for all sorts of fishing styles.
  • The best reel for lightweight lures.
  • As compared to baitcasting reel it has a long life.




  • It has less capacity as compared to Baitcasting reel.
  • The spinning reel is not durable for heavy fishes.
  • It has fewer gear ratios.
  • The reel doesn’t give you the accuracy as compared to Baitcasting.
  • You cannot use heavy lures with a spinning reel.




A baitcasting reel is for intermediate and professional fishers. It requires experience and you can catch heavy fishes with a baitcasting reel. Usually, Baitcasting reel is for commercial purposes and deep-sea fishing. However, the spinning reel is brilliant for beginners and intermediate anglers. Those who want to enjoy freshwater fishing without much experience can use a spinning reel.

Final lines hopefully now you know complete about baitcaster vs. spinning reel.

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