Best Fishing Resorts In The World – Take Your Family For Fishing

Best Fishing Resorts In The World

Fishing has always been fun, and it’s a great way to release your stress in calm and quiet waters. Fishing also helps you master patience. Some of the finest fishing resorts have Jetty Fishing there for families. We’ve gathered the best fishing resorts that are close to nature.

1. Libby Camps, Northern Maine

Libby Camps Fishing

Libby camp is located in the US. One of the best fishing resort in the world situated in the woods of northern Maine. This resort contains everything you need. Libby camps specialize in trout and salmon.

Libby camp offers eight separate cabins, and it has one main lodge. It also has its fleet of motor boats. The best part about Libby camp is that it has ten cabins which are scattered in the woods in the radius of 20 miles within reach of the main lodge. If you are tired of fishing, Libby camp offers deer and mouse hunting.

2. Firehole Ranch, Montana

Firehole Ranch fishing camp

Firehole ranch is also situated in the United States. Its located on the west side of the yellow stone national park. Firehole ranch offers pristine and trout-rich rivers. Firehole ranch resort consists of ten small and simple cabins. It also has one main lodge. You need to know better times for going on fishing also for getting more fishes. And this will also let you learn about the safety of you and your family while fishing.

The best thing about Firehole ranch is that it is maintained in the same way as it was built in the late 1940s. Staff is friendly and treats the guest like family. This is true because Firehole ranch only hosts 22 guests at a time. Firehole ranch is open 15 weeks in the whole year. This makes Firehole ranch an exclusive and best fishing resort in the world.

3. Nimmo Bay Resort, Canada

Nimmo Bay for fishing

Nimmo bay resort is located in the heart of British Colombia bear rainforest. One of the most beautiful resorts located on the lake. You can discover the wildlife and wilderness of the bear forest. The cabins are built elegantly. Nimmo bay resort also owns a fleet of helicopters.

There are water bodies, lakes, and ponds that are situated in the vicinity of Nimmo bay resort. These water bodies are ideal for fishing. Lakes and ponds contain an abundant population of salmon and halibut.

Nimmo bay resort has also featured on the national geographic channel. It has won many awards for its beauty and luxury. National geographic channel named Nimmo bay resort as one the unique resort.

4. Owen River Lodge, New Zealand

Owen River Lodge for fishing

Owen river lodge is one of the most beautiful resorts in the world. This resort is popular because of its crystal clear water. The water is so clear that you can see your target before casting your fly. Brown trout is the primary habitat of the water.

As far as accommodation is concerned, Owen river consists of six separated luxury cabins and one main lodge. Owen river lodges give you professional quality service. The cabins of the Owen lodge offer a fantastic view of the river, the Owen ranges, and Kahurangi national park.

5. Tipiliuke, Argentina

Tipiliuke Lodge for fishing

Tipiliuke is one of the most modern fish resorts in the world. It is located in Patagonia wilderness in Argentina. Tipiliuke offers luxury accommodations just like any other resort in the world. Tipiliuke resort consists of nine cabins and one main lodge. The main lodge gives you a beautiful view of the peaceful valley.

Tipiliuke also offers a sauna, massage room, and fine cuisine. The cuisines available on the menu are local Argentinian cuisines. Two crystal clear rivers the chimehuin and quilquihue flow through the property. These rivers are plentiful with trout. Spend the day fishing trout and in the night enjoy the meal beside the stone fireplace.

Salmon Fishing Resorts Available Countries

Salmon Fishes

Salmon is one of the tastiest fish to eat. You can enjoy salmon baked or smoked. Salmon is also considered as game fish. Below is the list top places best for salmon fishing.

· Iceland

Iceland is regarded as a top destination for salmon fishing. Bright and deep water are best for salmon fishing in Iceland. Iceland offers varying conditions from flat plains to spectacular waterfalls. Rivers in Iceland such as river grimsa, laxa, and Cordura salmon river are best for fishing salmon.

· Canada

Canada is the world’s top-rated country for salmon hunting. Some places in the north side of Atlantic and Nova Scotia are the best places to search for Salmon. British Columbia is also a popular destination for salmon fishing. Some of the most popular fishing spots in British Columbia include Campbell and Fraser River and Haida Gwaii.


Many states in the United States of America are highly rated and recommended by anglers for salmon hunting. The state of Alaska is the modern American state for salmon. All five types which include King, Silver, humpback, Sockeye, Atlantic, Chum salmon are found in Alaska.

Washington and South Dakota are also favorite places and breeding grounds of salmon. Wind River in Washington is the best place to fish salmon.

· Russia

Russia is also a popular fishing spot. Russian Kole Peninsula and Varzuga river are popular spots to hunt salmon. These places contain a large population of salmon. Average salmon caught in this area per week varies from twenty to thirty salmons per rod.

FAQs About Fishing Resorts

Question: What is a fishing resort?

Fishing resorts are stated for family fishing. People go with family and friends there for catching fish and having fun.

Question: Is there any fishing resort located on a lake?

Nimmo Bay is one of the furthermost attractive resorts situated on the freshwater.

Question: Where is most salmon caught?

Most Salmon is caught in Alaska.

Question: Which Salmon is best to buy?

King salmon is the best salmon to purchase. It contains sufficient levels of omega-3 and proteins.

Question: Where is the best fly fishing in the US?

Bristol Bay Alaska, Long Island South NY and bighorn river MT are the best destinations for fly fishing in the US.

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