Best Places For Fishing In The World – Get Your Rod Reels There

Which Is The Best Place For Fishing In The World?

Most of the folks tend to fish in their hometown. People love to fish. Nearby ponds, lakes, and rivers get crowded. Some people like adventure, fun, and fishing. It has some of the most stunning places which are considered to be the best places for fishing and adventure.

We have selected a few best destinations in the world. These places are famous for fishing. Anglers should add these places to their bucket list. This guide will help you explore the best places for fishing.

Abaco, Bahamas

Abacos Bhamas Fishing Place

The Bahamas is the most beautiful city. Those who say that they don’t want to visit the Bahamas are lying. Abaco is on the northern side of Bahamas. This place is full of fishing opportunities. Variety of species are found at Abaco Bahamas. You can throw your baits in the deep blue sea and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. Deep blue sea fishing types of fish that you can catch there are in numbers. Some are dangerous but you just need the right technique. There a lot of tips and tricks and a proper guide for fishing in the deep sea you just need to give little time and learn them.

If you love white marlin, then April and May are the months to visits Bahamas. July is the peak time for hunting blue marlin in the Bahamas. You can also hunt yellowfin tuna and blackfin tuna in July because they use this water to migrate every year.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana Fishing Surface

Punta Cana is on the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic. One of the most beautiful places with fantastic beaches and luxury fish resorts. Punta Cana is ideal for fishing marlin. Caribbean’s is home of marlin.

Best time to visit Punta Cana is between April to July. This is the peak time when you’ll find marlin. Sailfish can also be seen in Punta Cana at different times. Other fishes like billfish, tuna, wahoo are also available in Punta Cana waters.


Panama Beach

Panama is one of the best spots for fishing. If you want to catch big fishes, then Panama should be your choice. Panama’s wild shoreline makes it fishing heaven. You can find schools of tuna, Mahi and wahoo in Panama waters.

You can visit Panama at any time of the year, and you won’t get disappointed. The rainy season in Panama might become a little messy. It’s better to plan your visit according to the rainy season.

Edward Island, Canada

Cancun fishing place

Edward Island is famous for the world’s most massive and biggest tuna. This place holds the record for the world’s biggest tuna. You can get tuna as extensive as 1000 lbs. This place has one fundamental law. This law states that once you caught the fish, you have to leave it back in the sea. You might get permission from authorities to keep at least two fishes.

Cancun, Mexico

Edward Island Canada

Cancun is famous for beach parties, luxury resorts, and fishing resorts. It also offers ample of opportunities to hunt giant sailfish. March, April, and May is the peak time to catch sailfish. Cancun also gives plenty of opportunities to fly fishing experts.

Waters of Cancun are also famous for blackfin tuna, wahoo, baby tarpon, sea trout, and bonefish. You can also find dolphins in deep banks and ridges of Cancun.

Best Marlin Fishing In The World

Marlin fishing is considered as highpoint sea game fishing. This is because of the power, size, and strength of marlin species. Marlin species are related to billfish. There are about ten species that anglers want to hunt. These include Blue marlin both Pacific and Atlantic, black white and striped marlin, Pacific sailfish, short and longbill spearfish and swordfish.

Marlin is found in areas where nutrient rich water is closer to the surface. Following are the best places for marlin fishing:


Bermuda Island is the best and beautiful place to hunt marlin. It water regularly produces marlin. Small marlin fishes weighing around 150 to 200 pounds can be caught in Bermuda. The largest blue marlin was caught in it in 1995. It was 613 kilograms in weight. This fish wasn’t just largest in Bermuda. It was world record blue marlin ever caught in entire Atlantic.

Bermuda also hosts a series of tournaments. These tournaments attract lots of anglers from America. These anglers come with well-equipped boats to hunt marlin.


The Bahamas is one of the most popular fishing spots. This place is famous for the blue marlins. The place called Bimini is one of the most renowned sites in the Bahamas. This place is the breeding ground of marlin. It has a history of marlin fishing. Different locations in the Bahamas like walker’s cay and Abaco islands are also great places for marlin fishing.

The Bahamas also host one of the greatest and competitive tournaments in marlin hunting. This tournament is known as Bahamas Billfish Championship.


Many popular fishing spots are located in Brazil. Marlin can be encountered in southern coast cities like Sao Palo and Rio De Janeiro. Marlin is caught regularly on cost lines of these two cities. Tournaments are also held to encourage marlin hunters.

However, the city of Vitoria is rated as the best place by anglers to hunt marlin. The cost of Espirito Santo is home to species like marlin and sailfish. This place attracts fishers from all over Brazil and other countries.

Best Surf Fishing In The World

Surf Fishing

Surf the ocean and catch the fish. This sounds amazing. Well, now you can that. Some people love both surfing and angling. There are some of the best places in the world where you can do both. This guide will help you identify such sites. Below are the few places that we’ve rounded up for you. These places offer both surfing and fishing.

Queen Charlotte Islands, British Colombia

Queen Charlotte Islands are located on the west coastline of British Colombia. These islands are best to fish. The waves are good enough to surf. The best part of the queen charlotte islands is its low population. Islands consist of huge trees and so many fishes. Halibut and Salmon are the main attraction of these islands. It won’t be wrong to call queen charlotte islands as the home of Halibut and Salmon.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina

The outer banks of North Carolina are called surfers heaven. The Atlantic coast stretching from New York to Florida has some best waves to offer. The position of this coast is ideal for fishing. Fishing is easy and straightforward. Usually because of its old form beach fishing.

Mackerel, Bass and blues are some of the fishes that are found in this coastline. Charter fishing is one of the best parts of the outer banks. The stream that flows on the outer banks provides you with the chances to catch some big fishes.

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Puerto Escondido is the ideal destination for surfers and fishers. This coast of Mexico offers the best waves to surf on. Tepid water of the sea and beautiful waves everywhere you look. In Puerto Escondido, you’ll get whatever you want. Amazing beaches, luxury resorts, and party pools.

Puerto Escondido is also a popular fishing spot. Most towns in this area are fishing towns. Popular fishes that you can catch on this coast are Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado, Yellowfish Tuna and Snapper. All these fishes are worth finding and delicious to eat.

Freshwater Fishing In The World

Freshwater is also exciting when combined with nature. Combine your freshwater fishing experience with beautiful landscape and nature. Visit a beautiful place to get some fantastic view of life with fishing. We’ve selected a few best destinations related to freshwater fishing which are worth trying.

Amazon River, Brazil

Amazon river can be called the heart of Brazil. River Amazon is rich with marine life. Arapaima is the world’s top freshwater fish that is found in the Amazon river. Amazon river is also the most popular fishing spot for catching peacock bass. There are many anglers which head towards amazon river to catch arapaima and peacock bass. You need to select the right time to visit the Amazon river to catch peacock bass.

Fishes in the Amazon river are full of energy. Make sure that you have all the right equipment’s to catch those fish. This will be an adventurous and fun trip for you.

South Platte River, Colorado USA

South Platter river is another fantastic destination for freshwater fishing. It flows through Colorado USA. It is famous between the locals that each mile of this river contains a bulk quantity of fishes which are ready to be fished out.

South Platte River is home to trout and rainbow trout. Another attraction of this destination is kayaking. You can go kayaking in the south Platte river. The river is full of trout, and you can keep on fishing until you get tired and bored.

Lake Jindabyne, Australia

Lake Jindabyne is the famous freshwater lake of Australia. The water of this lake breeds Atlantic Salmon, brown trout and rainbow trout. This lake has a vibrant ecosystem because many rivers touch this lake.

Fly fishing is the most preferred mode of fishing used here. Fly fishing and tuna Fishing have seasons when they are in large numbers there. You can go fishing at night, and you’ll be amazed to see how active fishes are at night if you want to improve your fishing score. You should go fishing in the late afternoon or evening. In this time fishes swim to the shore and makes it easy for you to catch them.


Question: Where is the best fly fishing in the world?

Argentina, Mongolia, Iceland, the US contains some of the world’s best fly fishing spots.

Question: Is Marlin good fish to eat?

Marlin is not good for consuming because it contains a harmful level of toxins.

Question: Does Marlin taste good?

Marlin tastes like tuna and it can be chewy.

Question: What state has the best fishing?

Montana, Alaska, and Louisiana are the best states for fishing.

Question: Where are the best places for fishing in the world?

Catfish USA, Kola Peninsula Russia and Amazon river Brazil are the best fishing points in the world.

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