What Is The Best Time To Go Fishing – Day And Night Catch Fish

What’s The Best Time of The Day to Go Fishing?

When it comes to fishing, different people have different priorities. Some like to fish during the day, some at night and some wants to try both experiences. You must keep in mind that there is no best time to go fishing. You can go for it any time, any day and whatever weather it is outside. However, there are few safety locks and precautions you need to apply before you pack your bag packs and go for fishing.

When the summer hits, temperature crosses the normal range, and there are high chances of sunburn. To avoid it, you should not go for fishing during the peak hours of the day. It is best to start fishing early in the morning. You can also do Jug Fishing to catch a number of fishes. This method is used by experts mostly. If you are not an early riser, then keep your plans for the evening but do not go out in intense sunlight. Night time is also an excellent option for fishing in summers. During the day time, water is hot, and fish may get sluggish or inactive. They can even go deep under the water to find themselves a more relaxed place.

Winter is, by all means, the best time for fishing. You can start in the morning, or you can go out during the day too. There are no limitations.

Best Time To Go Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater fising

Fishing can become an enjoyable experience if you know how to pick the right time. My suggestion would be to set up a fishing calendar in this regard. Let’s talk about some of the most productive times you should choose for fishing.

  1. Morning and Night
  2. Cloudy or rainy day
  3. Windy Day
  4. Winters
  5. Best of all

Morning and Night

Best fishing days the ones which are more productive in terms of size and quantity of fish caught. To judge the best day, you can either use a fish forecast or gain enough knowledge about the fish. Fish are cold-blooded, and they are intolerant to specific temperatures. When it’s a sunlit and bright day outside, the upper layer of water bodies also gets warm. Warm water cannot hold oxygen in it. That is why fish becomes sluggish and inactive during the summers which make it difficult to catch them.

That is why it is advisable for you to pick the morning or night time for fishing as fish are more active during these periods.

Cloudy or Rainy Day

What do you think when a rainy day hits your mind? Well, if you believe that a wet day is not the ideal time for fishing, then you are wrong. A bright sunny day makes fish inactive due to high temperature and less oxygen in the water. Contrary to that, fishing in heavy rain or fishing after rain makes fish more active due to two reasons. First, fish are livelier during low temperatures. Second, rainwater creates little waves in water and also create a ripple effect. This disturbance keeps the fish busy and full of life, and you have a high chance of catching them.

Windy Day

Too much wind can be a problem for the fishermen in terms of handling their boats. But, if you are an experienced fisherman, then a windy day is an excellent opportunity for you. The wind has the same effect as that of a rainy day. It builds up waves and tides in the river which keeps the fish active and makes it easier for you to catch them.


Winters are amazing in every aspect, and they are the same when it comes to fishing as well. Here, I would clear that winter river fishing means either the start of winters or the end of winters. In simple words, spring and autumn are the ideal seasons for winter river fishing.

Best Of All

Jettyf fishing best time to go fishing in the evening

If you don’t have a fish forecast, then you should better keep a weather forecast with you. Fish has robust sensors called sonar sensors. These sensors can detect a massive storm or bad weather ahead of time which makes them very active. So, you can go for fishing just before adverse meteorological conditions to catch the right amount of fish quickly. Moreover, one best time to catch fish in the evening doing Jetty Fishing a safe place for fishing, in the sunset. This is the one of the best feelings I got while doing fishing.

Time In Day To Fish For Trout

Trout Fish

Trout behaves a bit differently from regular fish. The best time to go for trout fishing is during the summers or on a warm day. The ideal temperature for trout fishing is 50-65 degrees when there are lots of insects out and acts as a feed for the trout. Trout is probably the only fish that doesn’t get sluggish in the warm summer months because they are waiting for their feed to come out. They are, however, sluggish during the winters because they don’t require much food in the cold season.

Some of the critical trout fishing tips are below:

  • Always choose summers for trout fishing.
  • Trout can even survive in waters as high as 80 degrees, unlike other fish.
  • The ideal temperature for trout fishing is 40-40 degrees of water temperature.

Finest Period To Fish In Winter

best time to go fishing in the sunset in winter

Winters are called the best time for fishing because you get long hours of fishing. I would suggest you keep a forecast with you to save yourself from cramped conditions during the winters. Also, remember that the best fishing hours may not be the easiest and comfortable ones. As mentioned earlier, fish can sense lousy weather or storms much ahead of the time. Going fishing before heavy rain is not an agreeable condition but it is worth it. Fish are more active before lousy weather, and there is a higher probability of catching them.

Moreover, most of the fish are active during the winters as compared to the summers except for a few, for instance, bass.

Here are some useful tips for winter river fishing:

  • Be careful about the weather.
  • Dress wisely.
  • Choose the best fishing condition during the winters, not the comfortable one.
  • Keep all equipment ready in case of a winter storm or hail.

Is it reasonable to fish in the rain?

Fish use their sensors for all kinds of activities. These sensors are so sharp that they can sense even a slight disturbance in the water. During a rainy season, fish become very aggressive. The ripple effect caused by the water droplets when they fall in the water keeps the fish active.

Fishing in rainy seasons is also good because after rainfall there is a high chance of insects on the water surface. Mosquitos love water bodies, and they are mostly seen in a large amount after rains. Therefore, fishing after the storm is a productive activity, and it attracts the fish closer to the water surface.

Rain also contains organic materials which go into the water bodies and appeals fish towards them.

Best Interval To Go Catching Crappie

Crappie Fishing

Crappie is mostly found on surface waters during the mornings and evenings. They move to deep waters during the daytime. Although, you can catch crappie at any time of the day if you are at the right location. You can catch crappie throughout the year if you are in the right place. Keep in mind that crappie lives in schools which are an added benefit for you if you spot the correct location.

Best Month For Crappie

The best month to catch crappie is the cold weather. By cold weather, I do not mean the frost-biting temperatures at all. Cold weather means the beginning or end of winter months which is spring and autumn.

It is also a good practice to fish for crappie before a rainfall but nor during the rain. During rains, crappie stops eating, so it doesn’t struggle for food as well. If you still want to go for crappie fishing during the rainfall for an adventurous experience, then look for places which are protected from the moisture like corners or covered areas. Remember, location is significant for catching crappie especially during the rain.

Needs For Crappie

You also need to have adequate knowledge about the kind of bait you need for crappie. Do you require a lifeless insect or a wiggling worm?

During the summers and autumn, crappie mostly goes deep in the water. In the spring season, they can be found on the water surface and can be trapped easily.

FAQs About Best Time To Go Fishing

Question: Is saltwater fishing good after rain?

Yes, saltwater fishing is good after rain because after rainfall, fish becomes more active and they also come on the water surface to look for feed.

Question: What is the best temperature for trout fishing?

For trout fishing, the hot temperature of 40-50 degrees is required.

Question: Are fish active in cold water?

Yes, fish are cold blooded and usually stays active in winters.

Question: Is it good or bad to fish after it rains?

Fishing after rain is a good practice because fish are active after a rainy season due to the ripple effect and presence of worms and insects on the water surface.

Question: Do fish bite better after storms?

No, fish become aggressive and active before a storm but not after it.

Question: Is it better to fish at high tides or low tides?

High tide is better for fishing because it keeps the fish active by always creating disturbances in the water bodies.

Question: What is the best weather for fishing?

The best weather for fishing varies according to the type of fish. As for trout, the best fishing month is summer, unlike the other fish which stays active in winters. A variety of fish like crappie stays busy throughout the year.

Question: What is the best bait for crappie?

There are a lot of baits for crappie including southern pro tube kit for crappie, beetle spin blade for crappie, eagle claw crappie rig, Johnson’s beetle rig.

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