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Holder Helps You In Fishing

Fishing is another name for hunting, and for hunting, you need to be well-armed and well-equipped. Similarly, for fishing, you don’t just need to have the proper gear with you, but you should have the knowledge to operate it. Operating doesn’t only mean to use a piece of equipment correctly. Operating also means that you should be able to fix your gear in case of any damage. You can also get to know about manufacturing a fishing rod yourself along with you build a holder for your rod. In addition to keeping the fishing gear, you need to have the skills of securely and successfully carry your reels and rods while out on the water.

One of the most crucial fishing gears we are going to talk about today is “A fishing rod holder.” It is so important that without a right rod holder you can end up getting exhausted and frustrated. In fact, fishing rod holders let the anglers keep their hands unoccupied. It also prevents tangling of your fishing poles. By using a suitable fishing rod holder, you can have a happy time fishing, not bothering about regularly managing your gear. No matter which fishing technique you follow, a fishing rod holder helps you multitask and also keeps your hand free. Furthermore, it also gives you a chance of fishing by using more than one rod.

Why Fishing Rods Are Important?

Fishing rod holders also help the anglers to maximize the fish catch by keeping the fishing rods right where they need them. In addition, fishing rod holders come in a variety of forms and materials. They can be heavy-duty or removable and comes in nylon, PVC, fiberglass, stainless steel, zinc and variety of other materials.

Today, I will take you through the complete guide of how can you make your own homemade fishing rod holders by following a series of simple steps. This way, you cannot only save money but can also customize your fishing rod according to your own choice.

PVC Fishing Rod Holder

PVC Fishing Rod Holder

Making your fishing rod holder at home is easy, simple and a lot cheaper than the ones available in the market. Therefore, every fisher must learn this skill because it requires just a single fishing trip to understand the benefits of owning a hands-free mode of using your fishing rod.

List of materials

You need the following items to build your customized PVC Fishing Rod Holder:

  • PVC Pipe
  • Sandpaper
  • Saw
  • Drill machine

How to make it?

  • Be very cautious about the length of your fishing rod. The length of the fishing rod can be determined by examining the butt of the fishing rod. If the latter is nine inches long, then don’t cut your pipe to a foot. This way, you will not place any unwanted pressure on the tube. After examining and deciding the size ratios, cut the pipe accordingly.
  • After you are done with the cutting of the pipe, the next part is to smoothen the edges of the cut surface of the pipe with the help of sandpaper. It is equally important to give a finishing touch to the rough edges.
  • Don’t mess with the corners or cut them. Put the cut piece of pipe into a wooden bit, glue it and attach it to your boat. Make sure its durable enough because a weak rod holder can lead you to a lost fishing rod.
  • Before using the rod holder, and taking it to fish, test it appropriately. Make sure that it keeps your rod fixed and firm. Finally, your portable fishing rod holder is complete.

Hanging Vertical Tree Rod Holder

hanging tree fishing rod holder

It is another type of rod holder which is very easy and quick to build.

List of Materials

  • PVC Pipe
  • Saw
  • Glue
  • Screws
  • Elbow-pipe fitting (90-degree)
  • Tee-pipe and cross-tee fittings (90-degree)

How to Make It

This tree of fishing rod holder is straightforward to build.

  • Cut three pieces of PVC about eight to nine inches from the ceiling. Then cut another three sections of 12 inches to the first branches. These measurements allow smooth movement of your fishing rods in and out of your fishing rod holder.
  • Form a tree by attaching the fittings. Fit the tee fitting at the very top of the tree. Then attach the cross-tee fitting at the lowermost of the eight-inch pipe. Repeat this process for the 12-inches piece as well.
  • At the end of the branches, attach the elbow fittings. The elbow fitting prevents slipping of any piece of the tree.
  • Glue everything in place together. Finally, your hanging tree fishing rod holder DIY is ready.

Fishing Rod Rack

Fishing rod rack

If you want to get some of your fishing rods out of your way, then you need to keep a fishing rod rack with you. In addition, it’s a fantastic gadget to store your fishing rods safely. Let’s see how you can build it at your home at a much cheaper rate. You can get your beautiful rack with yourself if you are going to one of the finest resorts for fishing.

List of Materials

  • Four boards each of dimensions 1x6x41 inches
  • One board- 1x8x42 inches
  • Two boards each of dimensions 1x2x14 inches
  • Saw
  • Screws
  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill

How to Build It

  • Cut all the boards to the length mentioned in the list.
  • With the help of drill machine, make seven holes (each of 2-inch) in one of the boards (1x6x41 inches). Make sure to keep a constant space of 6 inches between these holes. Similarly, make seven other 1-inch holes in the other boards of same dimensions. Smoothen the edges.
  • Measure the placement of the second board (1x8x42 inches). This board will serve as the bottom support. Put the boards on the top of each other in such a way that the 1-inch board is at the top of the rack and the 2-inch at the bottom. Finally, after measuring carefully, screw them tightly.
  • Don’t forget to add foot support to the rack. Next, sand everything at the end to smooth out any sharp edges.


Question: How can I take care of my fishing rod?

There are many ways to keep your fishing rod protected. You should be cautious while carrying and taking out your fishing rod from your car. Also, take care of the tip of your fishing rod; you may cover it. Most importantly, don’t ever put a wet fishing rod back into your case.

Question: Why do the fishing rods have cork handles?

Cork handles acts as grips for fishing poles. The light nature of cork is ideal for fishing rods as they don’t add up to the weight of your fishing rod.

Question: How can you pick the right size of the fishing rod?

The ideal size of a fishing rod is 6-14 feet. However, you need to take care of the type of fishing and then choose the size accordingly. A beginner should stick to a 7-feet fishing rod.

Question: What do you mean by EVA grip?

EVA is a foam material which is thick, sturdy and comfortable. Moreover, EVA grips are used to replace old handles of fishing rods and also used in new customized rods.

Question: What are the materials you need for making a fishing rod holder?

The necessary materials for making a fishing rod holder are a hacksaw to cut the pipe, drill, hammer, screws and a toolbox.

Question: What makes a high fishing pole?

Typically, fast action rods are considered the best fishing poles. It is valid for the cases where a long casting distance is involved.

Question: What are the benefits of using PVC pipes for the fishing rod holder?

PVC has a lot of benefits. It is lightweight, flexible and safe. It has excellent versatility and resistance.

Question: Is PVC water resistant?

Yes, PVC is not only water resistant but most importantly, it is fire resistant. It contains chlorine. Consequently, it is used for making rod holders.

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