What Causes Fishing Rod To Break

Causes Of Fishing Rod To Break

Do fishing rods break? Yes, they do break because they are not immune to the damage. There are different causes of the fishing rod to break. There are also ways to mend your fishing rod. If your fishing rod snapped, then there must be some problem either they abuse the fishing rod, or it has poor material.

In this article, we’ll discuss different causes of fishing rod to snap. Read this article and next time when you go fishing avoid these problems to save your fishing rod.

1. Misuse

Misusing fishing rod

Misuse is one of the most common causes of fishing rod break. When you take your rod into your home, it may get broken because of closing the door or window.

The tip of the fishing rod may also break because of a space shortage. For example, if your rod is big and you carry it in your home, the tip might break because of the ceiling. It can also break because of the walls. You may walk into the wall unknowingly, and the fishing rod may break.

In short, be careful while storing your fishing rod, it is one of the most common cause of fishing rods to break.

2. Fishing Rod Material

Poor fishing rod materials

Poor material is another reason for the fishing rod to break. Some fishing rods can’t handle extreme temperature, and they snap. The material used in the fishing rod is, and it causes the fishing rod to break into two.

When you select a fishing rod, make sure to check the material and temperature ratings.

3. Poor Design

Imperfect and flawed design is also another reason for a fishing rod to break. Mostly cheap fishing rods have a faulty design, and while fishing they might break because of design. When selecting the fishing rod, make sure that the rod has excellent built quality.

4. Abusing Fishing Rod

Abuse of fishing rod
Abusing the fishing rod and using it roughly is another cause for a fishing rod to break. Most time inexperienced anglers when they catch, they abuse the rod during a fight. Instead of loosening the rod, they hold the rod tight. This act doesn’t distribute the weight across the rod, and because of the stress the rod breaks.

When using the rod during a fight, make sure to distribute the weight. When the rod bends more than the designed angle loosen the rod. It will protect your rod from breaking.

5. Manufacturing Fault

Some fishing rods have a manufacturing fault. Such fishing rods break even with the little fight. It is because they don’t have proper guides, tips, and flexibility. During manufacturing, human and robotic error is also possible. So, with the little usage, such fishing rods may break.

6. High Sticking

High sticking is another major cause for a fishing rod to break. During fishing when anglers get their rods close to the vertical, the fishing rod splits into two. It is because of the stiffness in rod increases and the fishing rod breaks.

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