How To Choose A Fishing Rod For Beginners – Get A Better One

How to choose a fishing rod?

If you are new at fishing and you haven’t even purchased your fishing rod yet, then this guide will help you a lot. For the experienced fishermen, fishing rods depends upon personal preference. Some fishers even build holders for their rods and rods for themselves. They know how to choose a fishing rod for making there days of catching fish better. However, for starters, the first step towards a successful fishing trip is to make a right choice of the fishing rod.

How can you choose a fishing rod for beginners?

fishing rod for beginner

Being a beginner at anything is the hardest thing you can ever come across in your life. However, when it comes to fishing, beginners face the most problems. There are tons of things to consider before you start fishing. There are various kinds of fishing rods available. Knowing the right habitat, knowing the right weather, knowing the correct type of fish species, local water bodies regulations, and most importantly, the right fishing rod.

Knowing how to choose the right fishing rod, reel, line, and tackle can get overwhelming at times. To help you choose the best fishing rod for beginners, we have gathered some handy tips. Go through them and make your first fishing experience, the memorable one.

As a beginner, think about the following questions before purchasing a fishing rod:

  1. Should I buy a long or a short rod?
  2. Should my fishing rod be flexible or stiff?
  3. What should be the fishing rod power?
  4. Which fishing reels are the best for starting?
  5. Should I buy a fiber fishing rod or a graphite fishing rod?
  6. Which one’s the better option: an expensive fishing rod or a cheaper one?

All of these and many other questions are very vital to answer before you invest in a fishing rod. After getting all these questions they would have to know about by means of using fishing. Moreover, taking help from an experienced angler will also benefit you.

Furthermore, keeping in mind, the area where you plan to go fishing also affects the type of fishing rod. Therefore, learn the fishing rod basics first and then move to the next step. And the essential thing for any fishing trip is the fishing rod.

The best fishing rod for beginners should have the following features:

  • As a beginner, you should go for a medium action rod with graphite. The length shouldn’t be more than 7-8 feet, or you will have difficulty using it.
  • When it comes to the selection of reel, go for a medium spinning reel. Spinning reels are the best friends of beginner anglers. Never choose a fly-fishing rod. Fly fishing rods are an absolute NO for beginners.
  • Before buying a fishing rod, you also need to understand every part of your rod. It will not only help you in picking the right rod, but it will also provide you enough knowledge about fishing gear.
  • Next thing to take care of as a beginner is to look for the proper handle of your fishing rod. The fishing rods with foam and cork handles are the best for beginners. They are anti-slip, and they also provide an excellent and comfortable grip, thus making it easier for you to cast.
  • Lastly, lure weight is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a fishing rod. As a beginner, your lure weight should be anywhere between 1/8-5/8 ounces.
  • Finally, and most importantly, do not spend too much or too little on your first fishing rod. Look for a rod with a price range of $40-$50. Stay away from rods or combos over or lower than this price range.

Getting A Fishing Rod For Saltwater

Saltwater brings lots of challenges for anglers. There are different elements which you need to consider to fish in saltwater successfully. Fishing is an art in itself and teaches patience. Most importantly, choosing the right type of fishing gear and saltwater boat rods, specially designed for saltwater fishing, is also essential. Following are the things you need to consider if you plan on going on a saltwater fishing trip:

  • Firstly, pick the right material, which is resistant to rust, humidity, and corrosion. Salt water is known for causing corrosion to fishing rods. Therefore, before purchasing a fishing rod for saltwater, look for a corrosion resistant rod. Material, for instance, graphite and fiberglass the best for saltwater fishing.
  • Secondly, saltwater fishing is never smooth. It is always laborious. To cope with it, choose a rod with sturdy handles or else you handle might get destroyed.
  • Thirdly, the one-piece rod is the best for saltwater fishing. It is more flexible and can withstand the maximum load.
  • Construction of your reel is also essential. Look for reels with graphite or fiberglass. These materials are robust, durable, and corrosion resistant.

Deep Sea Fishing Rod

Deep sea

Now here comes the big fish! Their strength is enormous, they are riskier, and they can even drag you along with your fishing rod into the sea. There are a lot of kinds of deep-sea fishes that you can catch, but every fish has not been taken in the same way.

Keeping in mind the overwhelming strength of deep-sea species of fish, you need to be extra vigilant in choosing the right fishing rod for you. So, let’s begin:

  • Look for a longer, stronger, and durable rod. You are going to hunt some large creatures, and you need to be careful.
  • Once again, fiberglass and graphite come into play here. These both materials are the best strongest and corrosion free materials best suited for a fishing rod.
  • Invest in a hot rod with a reputable tag and avoid going for cheaper options.
  • Don’t forget to remind yourself of the fishing technique you are going to use on your deep-sea fishing trip when it comes to choosing a fishing rod for deep sea fishing, and the method matters a lot.

Fishing Rod Length Guide

Fishing Rod Length

The length of the fishing rod varies from person to person. For beginners, the rod length should be around 6-8 feet. On the other hand, in deep-sea fishing, the length should be much longer like 14 feet. Similarly, in saltwater fishing, you should go for a medium length fishing rod.

So, depending upon your fishing experience, the technique you are going to use and the type of construction, you can decide the length of your fishing rod.


Question: Why should you use a medium, massive fishing rod?

Medium, heavy fishing rods usually have quick tips. You can use them while fishing crankbaits and spinner baits. The pulling of a line using a massive medium rod requires more fishing rod power than topwater fishing. However, the fishing rod power is less than that of a huge action rod.

Question: What should be the ideal length for bass fishing?

For bass fishing, the length should be 7-8 feet. However, do keep in mind that it shouldn’t exceed 8 feet at all.

Question: Which action rod is the best for bass fishing?

For bass fishing, a fast-action fishing rod is the best. It has excellent flexibility and stiffness. You should also read various bass fishing rod selection guides to have a clearer idea.

Question: Are longer fishing rods the best?

It depends upon the experience of angler and technique of fisherman. However, the overall length for fishing rods is anywhere between 7-14 feet.

Question: What do I need when I go fishing as a beginner?

You need a fishing license, the right fishing rod, and reel, and complete knowledge of fishing techniques. The rest of the things come later.

Question: How can you get good at fishing?

To get goof with fishing, you need to take the best fishing gear with you. Moreover, try to gain an adequate amount of knowledge about fishing practices.

Question: What is the best fishing bait?

There are many artificial baits which are suitable for fishing. However, the best ones are spinner baits, topwater baits, crankbaits, crawdad, shrimps, and various kinds of worms.

Question: What are fish attracted to the most?

Generally, fish love the bait which smells terrible. Primarily, under deeper and darker water, fish uses their sense of smell the most.

Question: Can fish smell underwater?

Yes, fish has little nostrils, which are the primary source of their hunting. Their sense of smell is even stronger than mammals. Moreover, the whole fishing practice and choice of bait depends upon their sense of smell.

Question: Why is deep sea fishing dangerous?

Deep sea fishing is dangerous because it involves enormous fish that need tons of your expertise. Sea has all kinds of giant creatures. That is why, for deep sea fishing, you need to have a unique type of fishing rods.

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