Deep Sea Fish Types For Fishing – Learn About Species There

What Deep Sea Fish Types Do you catch while you go Fishing?

Before answering the question of what types of fish do you catch in deep sea fishing. We should first learn about:

What is deep sea fishing? Is it necessary protocols to follow before going for deep sea hunt? What kind of challenges may you face in the deep sea?

You also need to know all the tips and guide to go deep fishing, for making your tour successful. This article will help you by giving all the answers that you need about knowing the species of the deep sea. Keep reading if you are interested in deep sea fishing.

Deep Sea Fishing

It means fishing in deep waters and the open sea. Deep sea fishing requires a trip into the ocean far from land. Water depth should be at least thirty meters for deep sea fishing. Deep sea fishing is also known as offshore fishing or sports fishing or big game fishing.

Deep Sea Fishing Fish Types

Following are the fish types that you might catch in your deep sea fishing trip.



Sailfish belongs to the marlin family. It is common in the Indian and Pacific Ocean. It grows up to 3.5 meters in size, and they gain weight up to 100 kilograms. They have a life expectancy of four years. Sailfish is a popular aerobatic game fish. It put up a tough fight once caught.

Blue & Black Marlin


Blue and black marlin are also deep sea fishes. Atlantic blue marlin can grow up to five meters in size, and they gain weight up to 1800 lbs. Black marlin can also grow up to five meters in size, and they gain weight up to 1000 pounds. Their weight makes them hard fish to handle.



Swordfish is also one of the deep sea fish which you might catch during your deep fishing trip. These are fighting fish and gives a tough fight once caught. The night is the best time to catch swordfish. Finest time to go fishing also have been recorded, now fishing is not that tough. It can grow up to 4.5 meters in size and may weight 650 kilograms. Swordfish may live up to sixteen years.



Shark is predatory fish; it feeds on small fishes. You can encounter various species of shark in during deep fishing. Hammerhead shark is the primary shark species that you may across. Hammerhead sharks grow up to three meters in size and the weight up to 600 kilograms. Other species may include Bull shark, silky, spinner and sandbar shark.



Mahi-mahi or commonly known as dolphin fish is found in deep waters in tropical and subtropical seas all around the world. It can grow up to one-meter-long and weight up to 15 kilograms.

King Fishit

Kingfish fishing in deep sea

Kingfish lives at a depth of 20 to 25 meters. It can also live in the shallow water of three to twelve-meter depth. Kingfish can grow up to 24 inches. Kingfish can weight up to five to ten kilograms.



Barracuda lives in the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. It is a saltwater fish. It feeds on small fishes like small tunas, herrings, mullets, and killifishes. Barracuda can grow up to 1.6 to two-meters long in length. Barracuda can gain weight up to five to ten kilograms.

Fishing Sharks In Sea

Sharkfishing in deep sea

Sharks are one of the most dangerous creatures of the deep sea. They are usually a by-catch. They get caught while fishing for other big fishes. If you are looking for some fun and adventure, try fishing the shark. There are various species of shark like spinner, bull and blacktip sharks are common in the Gulf of Mexico and Mid-Atlantic Ocean. You can find blue sharks and mako sharks in the Pacific Oceans.

Following techniques are popular to catch sharks.


Chumming is a popular method used by fishers to catch a shark. This method takes advantage of sharks a fantastic sense of smell. Sharks smell food from long distance. In this technique, anglers take dead fish or meat pieces and throw it into the sea. Bait sets on the float at the controlled depth. Fishers let the bait drift until shark takes the bait.


Longlining is another technique to catch sharks. In this method the main fishing line is floated in the sea; the main fishing line can be hundreds of feet long. Smaller lines are attached at different intervals with bait and sink into the appropriate depth. It uses hundreds of lures. This technique can catch hundreds of fishes in one go.


Trolling is also a popular technique to catch big fishes including shark. In this method, one or more fishing lines are baited, these lines are drawn through the water. Trolling techniques gives best results in calm waters. This technique can be used when you are running on time.

Deep Sea Fishing Florida

When it comes to deep sea fishing Florida is the ultimate destination. You can catch a variety of fishes in Florida’s deep sea. Fishes that you can encounter in Florida’s deep water include Sailfish, Swordfish, Hammerhead Shark, Barracuda, and Blue Marlin.

There are different boat and charter services available in Florida that can arrange your deep sea fishing trip. In Florida, it may cost you an average of 160 dollars to 250 dollars per hour per six persons for booking a charter for deep fishing.

Following are top three charter services for deep sea fishing in Florida.

1. Flamingo Fishing

Flamingo fishing is one of the popular family-owned fishing charter services. It launches three trips into the Atlantic and Southern Florida Sea daily. Flamingo fishing also offers sightseeing, not just fishing. Free parking and free snacks on board are provided by Flamingo fishing. They also provide air conditioned and clean cabins on their charters.

2. Fishing Headquarter

Fishing headquarter one of the premier charter services in Florida. It also launches three trips daily. The person who responsible for daily operations has experience of forty years in South Florida deep sea fishing. They charge 35 dollars per person. This price tag includes all the fishing equipment’s, licenses and baits.

3. A1A Sports Fishing

A1A has the most experienced crew and staff. This sports fishing deliver a fantastic experience if you want to sail into the deep sea with friends or family. Their boats are equipped with sports fishing equipment. Ships depart from Port Everglades. Their ships have clean and tidy cabins and restrooms. You can also get catering services on additional payment.

FAQs About Deep Sea Fishing

Question: How much does deep sea fishing cost?

It can cost you $150 to $250 per six persons per hour.

Question: How do you catch sharks?

You can catch shark by using different techniques like chumming, trolling, longlining and Surf fishing. Amazingly this is another one of the deep sea fish types for fishing.

Question: What kind of fish do you catch when you go deep sea fishing?

You can catch Sharks, sailfishes, Marlins, Swordfishes, barracuda and other variety of fishes.

Question: Where is the best fishing in the world?

Florida is the best deep sea fishing destination in the world.

Question: What country has the most fish?

China has the most number of fishes in its seas.

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