Fishing Reel Repair Complete Guideline From A to Z

Do you want to throw your old fishing rod just because its reel doesn’t work properly? Are you worried about buying a new one because it’ll cost you more than $100? Then we’re glad to inform you that you don’t have to worry about the above things. In this article, we’re going to tell you about reel repairing and from where can you get the service. First, let’s have a little idea about the fishing reel and how does it work.


What is a Fishing Reel?

A fishing reel is a small pulley that is mounted on the fishing rod to withdraw the fishing line. There are four common types of fishing reels. There is open-face spinning reel, closed face spinning real, fly reels and bait-casting reels.


Why repairing is important?

The service of reel repair makes sure that you enjoy your fishing experience. It’s the key point undoubtedly. You’ll enjoy fishing whether it’ll be casual fishing or a tournament between your friends. You won’t find any difference between using the new reel and newly repaired reel. It’ll as comfortable as a fresh one. Plus it cost very much less than buying a new one. Repairing will also help you avoid the cost of routine cleaning and maintenance.


How can you know if you need reel repairing?

These are the main things that tell you to repair your fishing reel.

  • It will be making little noise while casting
  • It won’t cast as far as it used to.
  • Gears are rough
  • The drag is not smooth.
  • It does not have drag pressure.


How can you fix a Fishing reel at home?

If you think you understand the mechanism of the pulley and gear of the fishing rod, then you can also fix it by yourself. Here is the list of items you will be needing for fishing reel repair DIY:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Wrenches
  • Lubricants


Now following are the main steps to repair different types of reels.


Open-face Repairing Reel

Repairing Fishing Reel

To repair it, you have to install a new bail-in. The following are the steps that will help you do it.

  1. Loosen the nut that affixes the line spool.
  2. Loosen the bail and remove the locknut.
  3. Remove the bail.
  4. Install the new one through bail arm.
  5. Using pliers, remove the springs and inspect if they have to be reinstall too.
  6. Attach the roller on the bail and bail arm.
  7. Stiffen the locknut.


Bait-casting Reels

To repair this type of reel, you have to replace drag washers. The steps are:

  1. Loosen the handle nut and remove it. Make sure you don’t lose the drag washer.
  2. Eliminate plate screws, and then plate and spool too.
  3. Also, remove the bridge screws of the plate.
  4. Now remove the bridge, gear, ratchet, and spring.
  5. Clean and lubricate the drag washers and the spring.
  6. Put together all parts in reverse order.


Fly-fishing reel

Replacing the spool catch spring from fly-fishing reel will make it smooth. The steps are:

  1. Remove the axle cover and spool catch spring.
  2. Against catch, install new V-spring.
  3. Fasten the axle cover.


From where you can repair the reel?

Repairing service of the reel from a professional enhances the durability of your fishing gear. It’ll also enhance the fishing pleasure for you of course. Here are some top companies that can provide reliable service for the repairing of the fishing reel for you.

  • Shimano Service Center. It is a well-known company for repairing fishing gear. Shimano provides you a service of quality. You can trust the quality of parts and models.
  • Mats Reel Repair and Parts. They have reel parts for all manufacturers and models of fishing reels including Abu Garcia, Shimano, Daiwa, Mitchell, Okuma, Penn, Lew’s, Pflueger, Shakespeare, Quick, and Zebco Quantum.
  • Rainy River-Rods and Reels. They have a broad inventory of reel parts. They can repair the reels of Abu-Garcia, Daiwa, Okuma, Pinnacle, Penn, Quantum, Shakespeare, Shimano, and Zebco.

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