How To Do Bowfishing – Some Basics And Advance Things

Doing Bowfishing

It is essential to learn about finding the places where you can do the bowfishing activity before you go into how to do it. Bowfishing is not suitable for all the water bodies like deep seas. It is only ideal for rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds. In other words, bowfishing is another form of freshwater fishing. It is also vital that the water body you for bowfishing should be clear as crystal and shouldn’t be very deep. Moreover, bowfishing is the best for daylight fishing because clarity and vision is the need when it comes to bowfishing. However, if you an experienced angler and want to have the adventure of night bowfishing, then there is no restriction.

Bowfishing Tips For Beginners

Bowfishing beginner

For all the beginners out there, the good news is, bowfishing is the most accessible form of fishing. You need to choose the right gear and get started.

  • Firstly, get the right bow for you. The most common type for a bow for beginners is the recurve bow. It is the most affordable, operative, and easy to use a bow you will ever find. It is also lightweight, making it the best for beginner anglers.
  • The bow is easy to operate and is used just like any other bow. You need to keep in mind that to get your catch, you must focus on the front half of the fish.
  • Choose your goal fish.
  • When you are done with the first three steps, now comes the time when you need to shoot the actual fish. Aim your bow towards the direction of fish. The angle should never be 90 degrees between you, your bow, and the fish. Keep in mind that the well-known phenomenon of refraction might come in your way here. To overcome it, keep in mind that your target fish is always more in-depth in the water than it seems like.
  • After aiming it correctly, now is the time to release your shot! And you are done.

Some Useful Tips For All Anglers

Anglers doing bowfishing

Below are some valuable tips and tricks on how to do bowfishing successfully.

  • Never try it in extreme heat in summer or winter months that has been reportedly increasing in the US, Canada, even in winters as well. Fish tend to become sluggish in these weathers and do not come up to the surface. You might end up wasting your time. Spring is the best time for bowfishing.
  • Most importantly, choose the right spot. You need to know what kind of fish lives in a particular habitat.
  • No matter you are using the most expensive gear, but if you don’t have sufficient practice, you won’t be successful. That is why we recommend you tons of shooting practices before you step into the tricky bowfishing.
  • You not only need to practice shooting, but you also need to learn how to set up your bow effectively.
  • It is vital to keep a good quality, sharp, fiberglass arrow for you.
  • Keep your bow lightweight.
  • Invest in some suitable quality gloves which are specially for fishing. You need it to hold the fish after it gets shot. Moreover, the bowstring can also be painful if your finger glides too hard with them.
  • Get a boat if you want you bowfishing to be more productive.
  • Last but not the lease, don’t forget that bowfishing, like any other fishing activity, demands your patience and determination.

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