How to put a Fishing Line on a Reel Complete Guideline For Beginners

Are you having trouble putting the line on the fishing reel? No worries. Our article will let you know about How to Put a Fishing Line on a Reel. It is the main key to have some trouble-free fishing. The way you put the line on the spool of spinning, bait casting, and spin casting minimizes the glitches. Let see how you can put the line properly on the reel.

Spooling reel

This is the most important step to spool a reel. You have to watch how the line is coming off from both ends. The side with least outward coiling, take the line off from there. And before it reaches the reel, apply slight pressure.

Run line through line Guides

Mount reel on the rod. Beginning at the top of the rods, run line from supply spool through the rod guides. Now if you’re using spinning reel then open its bail. Tie the line strongly to the arbor of the spool. If you are using spin casting reel, remove its hood. Run the line through the hood hole and tie it to the arbor. Then snip off the additional and reattach the hood. While on baitcasting reel, the run line through the line-winding guide. Tie it strongly around the arbor and cut the additional.

Remove the twists

Learn to tie an Arbor knot

Place the spool on a flat surface. As you pull it up, the line should spiral off the spool. You have to hold the rod tip 3-4 feet above the supply spool. Make 15 turns on reel handle. Then check for any line twist by decreasing tension.

 Make sure the twists are removed from the other side.

Lower the rod tip to check if there are any slacklines or twists. If it does have twists, turn the spool upside down. This will remove the unwanted twists. If another side of the reel has more twists, then face the rod up. And take the line off. This is a very effective method for spin casting and spinning reels.

Things you should avoid during spooling

  • Indecorous spooling of the line causes twists. Especially if the line is made of nylon monofilament. Yes, it is stretchable. But if it is kept in the same position for a long time, it settles in that position.
  • The line is slightly coiled on supply spool. The upper layers of coiling are less definite. That’s why taking the line off from a large supply spool is preferable than taking it off from a small one.
  • The line on spinning and spin casting is vulnerable to twisting. Because their spool of reel is stationary and has a moving arm. This arm wraps the line around it causing twists in it.
  • While putting the line on the reel, do not place a pencil or other objects inside a spool. Some people say that it helps the spool run freely. But it also causes a mess.

Tension is important

Keeping a moderate amount of tension on the line is significant. You can do this by holding the line between your index finger and thumb with your free hand. Not applying tension will cause overwrapped loops in line.

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