How to Restring a Fishing Reel? Complete Guideline for Everyone

Do you want to know how to restring a fishing reel? Then you are reading the right article. Changing the string is not a complicated task. If you know how to put the line on the spool, then re-doing it won’t be difficult for you.

Why it is important?

If you’re going on a fishing trip, you must check the string of the reel first. It is because the string of the reel might have run its course. So it is really important to consider re-spooling your rod before going on such trips. Re-spooling is a term used for changing the string or line of the fishing reel.

How to identify that string needs changing?

There four main reasons which can tell you to restring your reel. These are:

  • Twists and slacklines
  • Noticeable roughness
  • Meager knot strength
  • Casting problems

What causes these problems?

There are many factors in the life-span of the string due to which it can’t last for long. Some of these are:

  • High temperaturescan cause the string more stretchy. It breaks down the strength of the string.
  • Rocky River bottomswear down the string.
  • Weather andother fishing conditions

Now let’s get to the main point that how can you re-spool your reel.

How to restring your rod?

Many shops can do it for you. They have reliable and best quality service. But if you want to do it by yourself, you should follow the below instructions.

Attach new Line

First of all, open the bail on the reel. It can be open by flipping up the little wire arm of the reel. You have to tie line and arbor using an arbor knot. Now close the bail by flipping the wire arm down.

Learn to tie an Arbor knot

Learn to tie an Arbor knot

If you don’t know how to tie arbor knot, you can follow the below instructions.

  • Wrap the tag end of the string around the arbor. Use it to tie an overhand knot around the string’s stranding end.
  • Again tie another standing knot. This time tie it a couple of inches below.
  • Pull both knots together to gridlock the spool.
  • Trim the tag end.


  • Place the spool on a flat surface. Face it to the upwards.
  • Make sure that the line is filling onto the reel in the same direction that it comes off the spool.
  • Pinch the string between the index finger and your thumb. Apply some pressure to avoid twists. To prevent twists, turn the handle 15 times. This will help you maintain the pressure.By giving a slack, check the line for the twists. It there are any, flip the spool and do all again. Use the side which gives lesser twists. Once the spool is full with an almost one-eighth inch from the rim, it‘ll be good.

Tension is significant for re-spooling

Keeping a slight amount of tension on the string while re-spooling it is vital. You can do this by holding the line between your index finger and thumb with your free hand as mentioned above. Not applying tension will cause overwrapped loops in line. Hopefully, now you know “How to Restring a Fishing Reel?” If you want to read more about the fishing rod and reels please visite Rodreels.

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