How to Restring A fishing Rod Complete Guideline

Fishing is a healthy outdoor activity. It relaxes your body and reduces your stress level. If you’re fishing with friends and family, that’s more fun and enjoyment. Before you go fishing, you should learn about fishing rods and reels and how to use them. In this article, we’ll learn about how to restring your fishing rod.


To restring fishing follow the given step-by-step guide:


Step # 1

Firstly, all you need to is lay the spool of the new reel on the floor. Pass the end lines of the reel through the eyelets of your fishing rod. Don’t forget to miss any eyelet on the fishing rod.


Step # 2

Secondly, remove the old lines and tie the end of the new line to the bobber of the fishing reel. If you’re using a spinning reel, make sure that the bail remains open. If you begin to reel, it will close to catchline, which is very important.


Step # 3

Now, use your left hand to grab the new line above the reel. Make sure there is some tension in the reel when you turn it with the right hand. Now reel the new line with your right hand onto the fishing rod.


Step # 4

fishing rod and reel

Make sure that there is 50 yards of line deposited onto the reel. You can measure the length by calculation. For example, if one turns on the bobber measures 3-inches, then 12 turns will equal one yard.


Step # 5

Finally, cut the new line about 2-feet from the last eyelet on your fishing rod. Tie fisherman’s knot and put a hook and swivel on the fishing line. This knot will avoid the line to run back.


Fishing Performance

If you don’t restring your fishing rod, it will also affect your fishing performance. During fishing, different problems might occur. You string might break during the fight, and you won’t get the tension that you usually get. So, it will affect your fishing performance, if you don’t restring your fishing rod from time to time.

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