How to use a spinning reel? Complete Guideline For Beginner

In this article, we are going to tell you how you can use a spinning reel or spin-cast reel. But first, let have a short introduction about the spinning reel.


What is the spinning reel?

A spinning reel is a cylindrical shape mechanical tool fasten with a fishing rod. It is used in winding and stowing the line. The basic parts of the reel are:

  • Handle: to reel it with.
  • Bail: to release the line just before casting.
  • Drag: to lose the line off the spool when bail is closed.
  • Foot: it firmly joins the rod to reel.
  • Line roller: it accurately guides the line from the spool to the rod.

Spinning reels are provided with a large variety of sizes and prices. Now let’s discuss how to set up the spinning reel?


Set up of spinning Reel

  1. Gather your tools.
  2. Understand the main parts and important parts of the tool.
  3. Attach the reel to the rod.
  4. Spool the reel.
  5. String the rod and tie the fishing knot.
  6. Set the drag knob.


Now let see some spinning real techniques to catch some fish.


Tips and Techniques for using a spinning reel

Tips and Techniques for using a spinning reel

Proper grip

Hold the rod from underneath so you don’t bend the rod. You should be putting the left hand on the handle. If you’re a leftie, you can open the knob of the handle and put it on the other side. Now attach the hand in the place of the knob. Hold the connection (between rod and reel) between your middle fingers or the last two fingers. This is the proper grip. Most of the fishers know this already. But it is important for a fishing reel for beginners.


Feather the line with the forefinger

These reels are designed to open little roller right underneath the rod. It allows you to feather the line with your index finger of the right hand (or with the left hand in case you’re holding it with your left hand). Feather means lightly touching the line during casting. It makes the casting efficient. Feathering the line is a technique to control your distance of casting. It helps you put the bait where you want to. You don’t want to feather the line with the other hand. Because then the line will be across the top of the reel. That can make things messy.


Get the twist out

Before using the rod for real fishing, try to spool up 3 to 4 times. That will make the line out of twists. Do this in an open field and pull 75 to 100 yards of line with no bait or lure.


Close bail by hand

While casting, flick the bail closed by hand. You don’t want to close the bail without turning the handle.



The most important thing is casting. Most people worry about what kind of lure or bait they have. They don’t worry about how they’re going to put bait in front of fish. It does not matter how much bigger bait you have. If you can’t put bait in front of fish, you cannot catch it.


Do not reel against the Drag

This is like ground rule. If you hear your line drag, don’t just start reel. Just hold the drag firmly. Wait for the fish to run against the drag. When the drag stops, start reeling the line to gain it back.

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