How To Make A Bowfishing Reel – Spending Less A Wise Decision

Bowfishing Needs Good Skills

Fishing is probably one of the best hobbies one can find. Not only it serves as a great time but can provide us with some delicious meal. However, to know that by means of doing bowfishing requires a lot of skills along with suitable equipment. One can make most of the fishing tools at home with some necessary materials. There is no need to spend your hard-earned money. You can easily make a bowfishing reel at your home.

Bow Fishing Reel

how to make a bowfishing reel
how to make a bowfishing reel

Bow fishing is a fishing method that uses bows and archery methods to hunt a fish. An arrow attached to a barbed wire is used to target the fish. Connect the barbed wire to a reel attached on the bow. Once the arrow pierces through the flesh, the wire is pulled towards the boat or shore. It is one of the most productive fishing methods in low water lakes.

A bow fishing reel is a specialized reel that is attached to the bow. It is widely available in supermarkets and fishing stores. One can conveniently implement it at home with some necessary materials. You should make your own bowfishing reel and other simple stuff for fishing.

Homemade Bow Reel

Making a bowfishing reel

You can comfortably make a bowfishing reel or arrow fishing reel at home. Bow-fishing can be on budget by making reel yourself. You could save a great deal of money by following a few necessary steps.

Materials Required

  1. Empty 2-gallon bucket
  2. 3×3 inch T-plates
  3. ½ inch Stainless steel screws
  4. 8-speed nuts
  5. Sandpaper

Step 1: Get yourself an empty 2-gallon bucket. Next cut both top and bottom end of the bucket. Ideally, the trimmed end of the bucket should be 4 and a quarter inches long. Level the edges to make them plain. Rub sandpaper on its surface to make it evenly smooth.

Step 2: Next, we need to make mounting brackets so to attach the reel to the bow. T-plates need to be bent to match the inside curvature of the bucket.

Step 3: Use a drill bit to drill bracket holes in the wheel. 1/8 inch drill will be enough for no.8 screws. Half-inch long stainless steel is used to attach the reel to the mounting bracket.

Step 4: Attach the whole wheel to the center of bow using T-plates. Make sure that the wheel is evenly centered. Use duct tape or super glue for extra durability.

Step 5: Now wrap the cord around the wheel, and your homemade bow-fishing reel is ready. Like doing this all you can build a fishing gaff yourself at home.


Question: Are the materials mentioned above readily available in the market?

Yes, you can purchase all the necessary materials from a hardware store.

Question: Does a homemade reel work as fine as a manufactured reel?

There will be a slight difference in quality as compared to manufactured product. A manufactured reel will be a bit superior to a homemade one. However, a homemade reel still works very well.

Question: How long does a homemade reel last?

It depends on the quality of the product you used. Also, with how much care and accuracy, the reel was made matters too. On average, a homemade reel lasts 5-6 months before the materials wear out.

Question: Is this the only method to make a bow fishing reel?

No, there are various other methods to make a bow fishing reel at home. You easily find them over the internet.

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