Is Overfishing Destroying Our Seas – Overfishing Is Bad

Overfishing Issue For Whole World

Our planet earth is facing severe problems in this industrial age. The environmental issues faced by earth are serious. These issues have devastating effects. Marine life and seas are also facing such issues. Jug fishing also increases in overfishing, but for some season you can do that. Overfishing is a serious environmental concern. It means fishing on a massive scale. We should give attention to the fact that is overfishing destroying our seas? This makes fishes unable to breed and sustain their species. Overfishing is depleting the fish reservoirs.

Is Overfishing Destroying Our Seas or Not?

If we are talking about fishing destroying our seas than, the answer is no. Fishing itself is not destroying our seas. Some fishing methods are destructive which are killing our seas. Is overfishing destroying our seas? Response to this yes. Overfishing is destroying our seas and unbalancing the ecosystem. Overfishing affects our environment in many ways. Fishing itself is not a problem. The human race is fishing from ages. Seafood is a good source of proteins and nutrients.

The problem occurs when unfriendly fishing techniques are used. One example is the use of nets made of nylon or polythene. The nets used to catch fishes also entraps species like turtle, seals, and sea birds, etc. These species become collateral damage to fishing and which affects the ecosystem and balance of the seas.

Overfishing Destroying Our Seas

Is Overfishing destroying our seas

Overfishing is a serious problem which is damaging our seas. This issue should be addressed in order to protect the ecosystem and make our seas better for generations to come. Overfishing is defined as fishing aggressively on such a scale that species are going extinct. The fishes can no longer reproduce and sustain. This is creating serious problems and damaging the balance of marine life.

Overfishing is a problem that can occur in any size of water like ponds, rivers, and seas. This results in decreasing stock levels of fish. Overfishing of predatory fishes such as sharks has devastated the entire ecosystem of the sea.

Naturally, to recover from Overfishing problem depend on climatic and ecosystem conditions. The changes in fish species can start an ecosystem shift. For example, if trout fish is overfished from rivers or ponds, other fishes might replace trout. This will make difficult for trout to reproduce and replace.

Types of Overfishing


Type of overfishing

There are mainly three recognized types of Overfishing which we will discuss in this section.

· Growth Overfishing

Growth overfishing is one of the types of overfishing. Growth Overfishing is defined as when fishes are reaped before reaching their desired age. Smaller fishes become the victim of growth fishing. They don’t reach their potential to reproduce and are fished before their age. This effects the reproduction of fishes.

· Recruitment Overfishing

Recruitment overfishing is another recognized type of it. Recruitment fishing takes place when adult fishes are overfished. They don’t have enough capability to reproduce and survive. You should know about deep sea fish classification for catching fish, and their numbers that how much they are now. We should catch those fishes who are in excess.

· Ecosystem Overfishing

Ecosystem overfishing means disturbing the ecosystem of seas. Ecosystem overfishing occurs when predator fishes are overfished. This disturbs the complete ecosystem of the sea. The balance of the sea moves toward smaller fishes.

Causes of Overfishing

There are many causes of overfishing. We have outlined a few important causes of Overfishing.

  • Poor management and poor decisions have caused the problem of Overfishing. The laws made to prevent fishers from overfishing have proved to be ineffective. Fisheries all over the world have failed to implement the existing rules.
  • Poor fishing techniques are another leading cause of overfishing. Fishers use nets that are not sustainable. These nets catch fish on bulk levels that put different fish species in danger. In this process, fishermen catch unwanted sea animals other than fishes. This process is called by-catch. These by-catches are destroyed and discarded.
  • Fishing illegally is another cause of overfishing. Every fisher is allowed to catch a certain amount of fish. Instead, anglers fish illegally.
  • Overpopulation is another reason for overfishing. In the past hundred years, the population of the world has increased. This has resulted in high demands of seafood. To fulfill these demands fishing companies have started to over fish.
  • Open access to the seas is another contributing factor. Sea is wide open. Fishers access the areas which are not protected. This gives them the opportunity to fish in bulk quantity.

Overfishing Facts

Facts of overfishing

Overfishing is one of the biggest environmental threats. Below are some sad and alarming facts regarding Overfishing?

  • In the past forty years about there is an estimated decline of 39% in marine life.
  • Illegal fishing is another cause of Overfishing. The data shows that 12-28% of fishing is overfished with illegal fishing.
  • 39% of fish stocks in north-east Atlantic and adjacent seas are overfished.
  • Big fishes or predator fish’s whales, sharks are disappearing. This is causing an imbalance in the ecosystem. In the past 50 years, 90% of predators are fished.
  • Fishermen all over the world have caught sixty percent of the fish stock.
  • This is the most alarming facts. Study shows that fishermen kept on fishing at the current rate. The world will run out of fish stocks up to 2048.

Fisheries Facts

Here are some interesting facts regarding fisheries.

  • Europe is the world’s major importer of fish.
  • Today people are consuming an average of 19.3 kg’s fish year. This figure is double as compared to fifty years ago.
  • 93 million tons of fishes were caught in 2013.
  • In America, one million people spend about 18 days fishing.
  • China is one of the largest countries in terms of fishing.

FAQ’s About Overfishing

Question: Why is Overfishing a problem?

Overfishing is a problem. It has resulted in reduced levels of fish stock. It also has disturbed the ecosystem of marine life.

Question: Where is Overfishing happening?

China, Peru, and the USA are top countries regarding Overfishing.

Question: What is Overfishing?

Overfishing means to catch the fishes above the required levels, and that is not good for the rivers and the sea and for us as well.

Question: Which fish species are endangered due to Overfishing?

Caviar, Crabs, Chilean Seabass, Eel, Rockfish, Salmon, Scallops, Shrimps and Tuna are some of the most endangered species.

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