How To Repair Fishing Rod – Most Simple Ways Patch Up Them

They Don’t Break Easily

Fishing rods these days are durable, and they don’t break easily. If your fishing rod breaks, you can also repair them easily. With few steps and tools, easily DIY repair fishing rod. From learning through the web you can even know about manufacture a bowfishing reel yourself. Through these small efforts, you can lessen your cost and get towards big levels early.

How to Repair Broken Fishing Rod?

How to repair fishing rod

You can quickly repair your fishing rod with the following steps. Before proceeding to the steps. You’ll need sandpaper, flexible measure tape, fiberglass pole, hack saw, and epoxy. Let’s move towards the steps:

  • To begin with, you’ll need sandpaper. Take sandpaper and make the broken ends of your fishing rod smooth. You can also cut them with the help of saw or cutter.
  • It is because the pointy and rough edges become weak with time, and your rod can again break easily.
  • Measure the rod’s circumference with the flexible measuring tape. If you don’t have a flexible measuring tape, you can also take the diameter. Write down these measurements. These measurements will tell you the pole size you need for fixing your rod.
  • After measurements, you’ll need a fiberglass pole. Buy a fiberglass pole with the circumference of 0.32 – 0.64 cm. Take the fiberglass pole of the said circumference and cut a 12-inch section. This section will fix into your rod without damage.
  • Take your fishing rod horizontally. It will help you in adjusting the pole in the rod. Push or slide one end of the pole into the other end of the pole with the help of handle. Keep pushing slowly and make sure there’s 15-cm stick out from the end.
  • Now, you’ll need epoxy for the visible side of the pole. Use a brush and apply a coat of epoxy on the apparent end of the pole.
  • In the end, all you need to do is push the remaining part of the pole onto the fiberglass and let the epoxy dry for better results.

How to Replace Broken Fishing Rod Guides?

Broken fishing rod

When your fishing rod guides get damage, don’t take them to the repair shop. They charge extra money for repairs. Different fishing rods use a variety of guides, and they have different fishing rod guide repair prices. Don’t waste your money. You can easily replace the guides at home.

All you need is new fishing guides, lighter, sandpaper, blade or cutter, thread, marker, and epoxy. Purchase these items from your local store, and you can easily replace the guides with the following steps:

  • Take a lighter and gently heat the old fishing guides. This heat will help you in taking of epoxy quickly and easily. Once it’s hot use a blade and cut the old epoxy.
  • Once you’ve cut the epoxy, take off the guides. Take sandpaper and rub the surface and make it smooth.
  • Take the new guide and mark the point with the help of a marker and make sure the alignment and spacing are correct.
  • Fix the new fishing guides on the marked point. Take a thread and start making loops over the guides pointy end. Make sure that your guide is straight and aligned with the fishing rod.
  • You can place your rod horizontally and take an eyeball test. Look at the alignment of the guides with the help of your eyes.
  • Wrap the guides pointy end with the thread. Keep making loops and make sure that they are tight.
  • Once you’ve completed the loops, place your finger on the loop, and use your other hand to cut the thread.
  • Again, make sure that your guides are in place and perfectly aligned.
  • Take epoxy and apply it on the wrapped thread. Coat the strand properly with epoxy.
  • The final step let it dry and go fishing.

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