Types of ships

Ships have been used for transportation from ancient times. Dugouts are the oldest ships and are revolutionized now. There are different types of ships and boats. Enlisting all the ships is not possible.


Merchants Ships:

Merchant ships are used for carrying goods and passengers. These ships engage in transportation actively. Merchant ships come in different sizes and shapes. Its minimum length could be 6m and could be big enough of size 415m. Merchant ships are found in all most all the countries in the world. The largest merchant’s ship is a Greek merchant’s ship.

There are many different kinds of merchant ships. Some are as follows:

Dry Cargo Ships:

These are also called container ships, and bulk carriers. Bulk carriers are used for the transportation of cement, coal, grains, and ores. Similarly, container ships are used to carry miscellaneous goods.


Tankers are also merchant’s ships and are used for the transportation of different goods in bulk. These goods can be chemical, Liquefied natural gas, petroleum products, and other things in liquid forms. Almost 33% of international trade share over these tankers. Tankers also come in many different sizes and shapes.

Passenger Ships:

Passenger ships are used to carry passengers, as its name shows. Leisure voyages are also included in passenger ships.

Offshore Vessels:

These ships operate in deep in the oceans. These ships are used to carry goods and passengers. The range of these vessels is from 20 meters to 100 meters. These are effectively used in supply chain tasks.

Cargo Ships:

Ships are revolutionized providing different options to carry goods and you may select from multiple options. Types of cargo Ships are as follows:


Container Vessels:

Container vessels emerge in the 1960s. This idea comes to combining land routes with sea routes. Specially equipped ports are there to load and unload goods from the container vessels. Many sizes of container vessels are available, from which the largest one is with 400m and it can travel at a faster speed.

Bulk Vessels:

For carrying drying cargo these bulk vessels are specially designed. These are used effectively to exchange goods like sugar, grains, fertilizers, coal, and ore. Ports having special tools are used to load and unload goods. For different shipping needs, bulk vessel cargos are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The speed of these vessels is comparatively slow.

Breakbulk vessels:

To carry general cargo, breakbulk vessels are perfectly fit. These are probably the backbone for trading fleet around the world. These are effective to carry both, dry cargo and liquid cargo. These vessels are ideal for carrying goods like bags of sugar, flour, and cement, etc. these are also used to carry paints, chemicals, and timber.

Reefer Vessels:

To carry the goods with special control temperature, reefer vessels are used. Like meat, fish, alcohol, etc. are transported from one place to another using reefer vessels. So, Reefer’s vessel is the best option to carry temperature-sensitive goods.

Barge vessels:

To minimize the time of ships at ports, barge vessels were designed in the 1960s. a large floating pontoon inside the vessel, give storage for cargo. These are not famous as other container vessels but are still serving for this purpose.

Tanker Vessels:

To carry liquid, tanker vessels are designed specially. If you need to need to carry chemicals in liquid or oil, tanker vessels are certainly the best option. These are also best to carry crude oil and are specially designed to carry crude oil all over the world. Crude carriers are available in large and ultra-large sizes. LNG carriers are specially designed to carry liquefied natural gasses.

Navy Ships:

A large variety of navy ships are there on the fleet. Submarines, destroyers and aircraft carriers are the most popular navy ships. From different bases, the navy operates worldwide. Near based on operations small ships like Littoral combat ship are used. Different navy ships are used these days. Some are as follows:


Aircraft Carriers:

Fighter aircraft are carried by aircraft carriers. These carriers also have runways to land and take off fighter aircraft. It can carry about 80 aircraft. Modern aircraft are nuclear powered now.


Submarines carry a large number of weapons and travel underwater. The submarine is the best option for carrying navy assets, attacking enemy ships and to deploy missiles. A submarine can stay in water for six months.


Destroyers are specially designed having capabilities to attack in the air, land attack, water surface and also have a submarine defense mechanism. A large number of destroyers are under construction. They include weapons like missiles, small diameter weapons, and large diameter weapons.

Container Ships:

Container ships are designed specially to carry different kinds of goods. You can have a shipping service depending on the product to want to carry. Different containers ships are used to carry different types of goods. Container ships are cargo ships and carry different products. These are the most commonly used to transport goods around the world. The container should be standardized in size so that can ships products easily. Different containers are as follows:

Dry storage container:

These containers are widely used and are in different shapes and sizes.

Flat rack container: 

These are the simplest containers having collapsible sides. These sides can be folded to carry a large number of goods.

Open top container:

These containers are good to carry goods of different heights as its top is removable.

Double door container: 

These containers are available with doors on both sides.


  • How many types of ships are there?

Answer: There are many types of ships. Like cargo ships, Roll on Roll off, tankers, passenger ships, fishing vessels, high-speed crafts, etc.

  • What types of ships use the Panama Canal and why?

Answer: information based on Panama Canal authority, the major traffic on Panama’s lack is of a container ship and carrier bulk. Bulk carriers are on the top in this context followed by container ships and reefer vessels are on the third topmost in traffic on the Panama Canal.

  • What are the two types of clipper ships?

Answer: The most popular kinds of clipper ships are china clippers and are also called tea clippers and California clippers.

  • What are the kinds of passenger ships?

Answer: There are different kinds of passenger ships including ocean liners, cruise ships, Ferries, yachts.


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