How To Use A Fishing Scale – Use Your Connect Scale To Weigh Them

Is Weighing Tough Task?

Weighing fish is one of the most critical tasks. If you’re sport fishing or fishing for fun or you are a commercial fisher. You’ll need a scale to weigh your hunt. Before that, you would have to know by means of using a fishing rod to catch a fish. In sport fishing scale will help determine the winner. If you’re fishing for fun, you’ll need a scale to know the worth of your catch and you should know how to use a fishing scale to weigh them. Commercial fishers need a scale to weigh their catch, and they get paid according to the weight.

Fishing Scale


The fishing scale is a device which people use to measure the weight of their fish. There are different types of fishing scales available in the market. You’ll find different fishing scales with various features, designs, and weight limits. Digital and analog fishing scales are also available in the market.

How to Weigh a Fish with Fishing Scale?

how to use a fishingscale

You can easily weigh live fish or fish using a fishing scale. All you need to do is follow the following five easy steps:


Turn on your fishing scale. Hold and press until zero’s appear on the screen. If you don’t have a digital fishing scale, you don’t need to follow this step.

Once your fishing scale is on, and zeros are on screen. Make sure to select the correct measuring unit. Digital scales measure both pound and kilos. If you have the analog scale, don’t repeat this step either.

Every fishing scale either it’s digital, or analog has weighing hook to hold the fish for weighing. Attach your fish to the hook of scale.

Lift the fish off the surface and hold tight. If your fish is on the surface, the fishing scale will not give an accurate reading. Lift the fish and hold it until the digits appear on the screen. For analog meters, read the scale.

For a digital fishing scale, you can store the reading in the memory of fishing scale or write it down. Analog fishing scales users should write down the scale reading.

Tips for Weighing Fish

Here are few tips for weighing the fish with fish scale. These tips will help you in using the fishing scale with ease.

  • Always make sure that your scale is calibrated correctly.
  • Reset your digital scale after every weighing.
  • Attach the hook on the lips of the fish for weighing.
  • To weigh a catfish, attach the hook within the V shape besides gills.
  • If you want to release the fish after weighing, do not hook the gills. It will damage the gills, and fish may not survive.

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